Our houses are the focal point of our families.  As our families grow up and move on our houses can become a burden instead of a joy.

Living at Bella Casa you will never have to be concerned with any of the burdens or worries of ownership.

You have no time commitments or restrictions on your lifestyle. You are free to travel, pursue hobbies of your choice or just relax and never worry about the house again.

Bella Case offers you a safe and secure, luxurious and convenient place to call home.

The Bella Casa Condos leases start at $2,100 per month for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom villa.

It seems that the costs of owning a house are continually increasing.

The insurance goes up a little each year; the property taxes never stop increasing; the cost of yard maintenance (if you can even find someone dependable) is constantly going up; and those major maintenance issues (roofs, painting, water heaters and appliances) seem to arise more frequently.

Your house is an asset.  It should be enjoyed by you and it should provide you with comfort and security.  When your house stops being enjoyable and starts to become a burden or a worry Bella Casa can be an alternative!

We expect price increases in our building costs due to the Katrina disaster but we will do everything possible to keep our rents down.  We will continue to guarantee that there will be no rent increases for three years once a commitment is made. We are committed to providing a financially stable living option.

There are several costs of owning a house that are ongoing and not tax deductible. As you pay down your mortgage over time your interest deduction gets smaller and smaller.  As your house gets older the maintenance issues seem to arise more frequently.

There are other commitments of time and energy that are required in owning your house. Have you ever had to schedule your travel plans around your house maintenance only to have the contractor run behind and not show up at the expected time? You certainly have to invest some time in researching the references of your contractors and their workers. You want to insure that you are paying a fair price for those repairs.

Your monthly rent includes:

  • Condominium fees
  • High speed internet
  • Security system monitoring fee
  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Potassium for the water softener
  • Reverse osmosis water filters
  • Replacement of furnace and air conditioner filters
  • Central vacuum maintenance
  • All appliance maintenance

At Bella Casa you will be happy and we will guarantee it! If you are not happy you may give a 60 day notice to break your lease anytime during your first year.

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